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Our 16 schools and 3 Children’s Centres have been working collaboratively for over a decade to enhance the educational opportunities and outcomes for every child in the Confederation.

We are well placed to meet the demands of the current educational landscape, with its increasing focus on school to school support, having worked this way for so many years.

more Welcome the Way forward Collaboration:


Over the last two years, discussions between amongst the Confederation schools have led us to the conclusion that partnership working is valuable and should be developed further through a legal structure which also protects each school’s autonomy. The proposed model is a cooperative learning Trust, which will offer benefits for all of the Confederation schools.

The Legal Consultation

In order to set up the co-operative Trust, four community schools:

are proposing to change their legal school category from community to foundation. This then allows the legal entity of the Godalming Learning Partnership to come into being.

The other schools in the Confederation will next decide if they want to join the GLP and many have already expressed their wish to do so.

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The Governors of the four schools would like to know what you think of these proposals and invite you to take part in our consultation, which closes on 19 October 2018, by: